January is as bad as September

Source: January is as bad as September


Acts of Kindness week #3

This week I did 2 things out of the ordinary, well the first one was helping push a mom’s van out of a snowbank. I was in a rush to get home before we went off skiing. But seeing a mom stuck in the snowbank, I figured if I could help out within a 10 minutes time frame then it would be good. It was actually easier, she put the van in reverse and I gave a small push and that’s it!

Kindness #2 I decided to bring our neighbors garbage bins back up to their house, considering they have 8 bins! My hubby complains about their bins all the time cause they usually place them on our side of the driveway. I don’t really care, they are older folk and even though they have a young couple and their younger *adult* son living with them. Usually the husband brings them up and down the driveway.  So 10 garbage pails all together with our 2, took a few trips.

That’s week #3

Do you ever walk by or jump in your car, when you see someone needing a hand? sometimes it seems like we just don’t have time. But as shown there are times when your 5 minutes of time can help!  Next time you see something that you could do to be kind or helpful, instead of just thinking about it…step out of your comfort zone and try it.Image

January is a ” year of it’s own!”


Seriously, why is January so busy?  Between kids activities and trying to get other things done, I feel like I don’t have any time to really think about much.

I took my oldest to her Dr. appointment today and the clinic was packed!  It’s a children’s unit in the hospital, appointment only deal. Normally there are just 1 or 2 others waiting, today you couldn’t find a seat. We went Skiing on Tuesday night, place was packed, grocery shopping…Hellishly packed.  Are we just getting a groove going cause it’s the beginning of the new year and then slowly just peter off?

I did get my Act of Kindness done for the week, I’ll post that later.

Lets see about my weekly parenting… kids are all still alive, haven’t cooked up the dogs for dinner and I’m not in a straight jacket!  Kidding aside, the last couple weeks have been hard trying to come up with a plan on dealing with my oldest and her ADHD. We took her off the meds she was on due to crazy ass mood swings. So now we are trying another one that is shorter lived, hoping to get her through the school day, but get her appetite back by the evening. I’m sure there are many parents out there that are going through the same thing. It’s had to believe that prior to having children, I was against the ADD, ADHD labeling. I’ve done a 360 on that topic!  I do think if your child is less symptomatic or can get away with no meds, it would be so much better. Once they hit High school and need to focus for an 80 minute class of lecturing it’s a different world. My daughter who hates medication, likes to be crazy, funny and daring, was begging us to put her back on meds so she could focus in class and study for mid-terms.

My younger daughter has been working hard at Cheer * no I don’t attend practices nor do I have some weird rage fit if she can’t do a stunt*  She is not on a “pro” team but a school team. Her current school doesn’t have a cheer team. So she attends her old school for cheer, it’s only her 2nd year.  She is the skinny minnie, petite one so they call her the “flyer” it’s exciting to see her do the stunts, but I get so nervous. The teams first competition is this weekend and it will be the first time we’ll see their performance.

I wish I had my camera rolling yesterday. Hubby took us to a local ski hill, I haven’t skied since I was 15yrs old. My girls have never skied. Considering we live in Canada and in winter wonderland you’d think that we would be veterans!  I stuck to the bunny hills LOL , my oldest and hubby decided to go down a steeper hill. Near the end of the evening, Hubby took our cheer girl down a steeper beginner hill * I was unaware this was happening*

Scenario set up: sitting outside the chalet with my oldest. Talking about the hills and snowboarding, We look at the one hill and notice it’s crowded. My oldest pipes up ” I wouldn’t’ want to over on that hill right now, it’s really crowded!”  We are both staring over there now and I see this little figure fly past the crowd and do a complete wipe out! There was a big cloud of snow and then just a pile of some random kid… Me ” WOW! that poor kid really wiped out! ouch!”

Daughter ” Hey there’s dad!” pointing near the kid that just wiped out.

Me ” what! ….OMG! that’s gotta be Abby!!”

Both of us get up, I try to run.. Have you ever run in ski boots? My oldest ran for me LOL. Turns out all was fine, after Abby got up, her one knee hurt alittle..but she was all good.  Cheer mom advocate, ” Geezus! she has a competition on Saturday! we don’t need her injured” That’s about as crazy as I get.

So busy will be here again tomorrow, I have social workers coming by for a visit. That’s in regards to my nephew, they come by and do some yakking and inspecting. Need to get our passport papers in on Friday, Competition, finish the other half of grocery shopping and do some freezer meals.

Hope your all doing well in Bloggy blog world! say Hello and don’t be shy!

The Shabby Creek Cottage –

The Shabby Creek Cottage –

Found a couple recipes and DIY things on this blog so I thought I’d Share!


Because I am “That” mom!


No no!  not the mom I mention in my About. me. The one that everyone talks about, cause she filled her kids lunch up with processed and packed foods. Yes this week is Non-nutrition week!  December has left us, January is now staring down shaking it’s head. The mailman is carrying many envelopes “BILLS” and we are broke. Payday is friday, my hubby working hard at his job. But unfortunately we are broke for the week.

Lord knows the kids are asking to eat out, “there is nothing to eat in this house comments and staring down the open fridge in hopes that ” something good” jumps out.



We are out of peanut butter, jam, buying 4L of milk only when the one in the fridge is almost empty. My containers of flour and sugar are empty. We have lots of cereal and our freezer is full of frozen fruit, meat and bread. So by no means starved LOL but to the kids, we are the house of poor.  We will have the grocery pile this weekend and sure thing we’ll here ” there’s nothing good to eat” with in a day or so.

Why is it that when you give kids ideas for a snack, they say ” nah”,” I don’t feel like that” or ” I ate that yesterday and the day before”

So my kids are scrounging up the last of the last for their lunches, there’s no fresh fruit, no meat for sandwiches and the dwindling granola bar. Poor children, I’m going to have a Bailey’s and coffee now… damn we’re out of that too!

PS this is not a pic of our fridge

Acts of Kindness week #2

I didn’t do anything I would consider worth mentioning. Since I’m blogging about it I’ll let you know what I did this week.

I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, lots of houseware goodies, 2 large bag fulls and dropped them off at the Salvation army. So now I have room in my cupboards again and hopefully someone can use some household items to start up in a new place or something.

While I was at the hospital with my daughter, I put some money in the vending machine coin return. There’s nothing worse then sitting in emergency for hours and you could use a drink or snack but don’t have money on hand. I found myself in that situation a few times usually it was my kids wanting something, So maybe make someone happy.

I also signed a petition to Stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism – the online campaign 

I find this not to be much, I’ve done other things like complimenting, starting a conversation with new people.

Smile more, Frown less!




A Whirlwind of Windyness!

“Is Windyness a word, not likely but I don’t care. It’s been a busy week”.
After I typed that sentence I was taking my oldest to the hospital. She managed to smash her fingers in the door. Crying and blood, I couldn’t tell if she sliced right though or not. But turns out she didn’t need stitches and nothing broken.

Why would I take her to the hospital? Just a month and half ago she managed to put a huge gash and hole in her calf. My accident prone child, we’ve been in the emergency on a few occasions. She has ADHD and tends to leap before thinking, I need a permanent parking spot at the hospital.

Our week has been hectic as I had mentioned earlier, trying to get passport papers ready for a trip ( Just me and the hubby) it’s been forever and a day since we’ve had time alone. I spent a few hours in a salon getting extensions put in. I feel like a diva now LOL, I haven’t really taken time for myself the past 2 yrs so I’m happy to get that done.

Today was a consult with an oral surgeon for my younger daughter that has an impacted K9 tooth. So she will be going in probably next month for surgery.

Hubby discovered mold in our ensuite bathroom, after I complained this weekend about the smell and was sure there was leaking and mold issues. So we will be undertaking that reno right away.

We had such a crazy windy day here today, winds reached 126km/hr, sorry folks I’m a Canuck so I don’t know what that is in miles. But it left a bit of damage around the city, our backyard is forest of branches now.

I will post about my Acts of Kindness week #2 in a separate post.

Pickling Factory? ..WTH was I thinking?

My house smells like vinegar, some people like air freshner, the smell of bleach or household cleaners. Meh…me apparently I love Vinegar!

Well not really love, just trying to clean house and did 2 things with vinegar and now  it’s STRONG smelling in here!

  1. Descaling Keurig and coffee maker
  2. washing hardwood floors

#2 was the killer, I have dark hardwood flooring and I find that no matter what I use my floors look dull. So I added a little vinegar to the water and microfiber mop the floors down. So yes it stinks!  =/

I think I may have done a “NO NO” I use a spray bottle when washing my floors, usually with a tiny drop of soap. Now I have wood oil soap, which I super watered down in the spray bottle. BUT the kicker… I added 1.8 cup of olive oil. I’m literally scared to back and look at my floors right now.  Am I GENUIS or Dumb and dumber?


Well the verdicts in… didn’t change anything, damn!  my floors are not that old, so I don’t want to use a harsh product or waxing them. OH well guess they are clean and the house is pickled 😉Image

Today is going …

Today is going to be one of my Dumber & dumber days or I’m a genius!


40 oh oh ouch!


Yesterday was one of those milestone birthdays 40. How my day went… meh good and bad.

My morning was crappy, got out of bed and did my usual routine. Made it downstairs to grab a coffee and realize there is no Milk =( I don’t like black coffee. Next I went to let my Great dane out of his kennel and I fell down the 2 steps to get there….. OMG Really was this going to be my day? I fell on my ass and swore I busted my tailbone * Again* but really that couldn’t happen cause it broke so bad the first time it’s shaped like the letter “L”.

After that I managed to get my nephew up and ready for preschool. I thought I’ll just grab a coffee at Tim hortons with my new cup (still in the wrapper) that was gifted to me. I unwrapped the cup, I wanted to wash it before it’s first use and noticed the bottom was all cracked…hmmphfff.

Things did go better after this LOL. Dropped the boy off, went to Timmy’s and they replaced the cup * Yay!*.

Had Lunch with my mom, then took her to Best Buy and she purchased a new TV for her bedroom, Then drove her to the mall to get her a new cell phone. Sounds like it was her birthday but we had fun and some laughs. I help set up her TV then had to go.

Evening came and my kids bought me some cute cards and a big present *a fact about me coming up!* A survelince DVR with 4 cameras incl. night vision. Ok So why they hell would I want this? it’s not for home or a job! I’m a Paranormal junkie, that’s right I hunt down ghosts and try my best to communicate with them. So this gift was awesome ( on so many nerdy levels) LOL.

So far turning 40 is good, ask me in 6 months what my opinion is then HA! My lower back hurts from the fall, maybe next year I should ask for one of those rail chairs that go up and down the stairs 0_o


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